You’ve already spent the past several months eagerly awaiting the day you will finally get to meet your baby—and you’ve spent lots of time planning, possibly browsing the internet. You’ve also stocked up on all the baby things you’ll need, decorated the baby room for your baby arrival and figured out how to properly install your infant car seat. But don’t forget one of the most important remaining third trimester to-do: Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag—for baby, you and your partner. Wondering where to start? While you don’t want to leave out any essentials, there’s also no reason to overdo things. This is where Celinababystores hospital bag checklist starter pack comes in handy. You can watch the video below to find out what you'll need before and after delivery and this starter pack package is a continuous one for our dear pregnant mummies. Click the link below to make your starter pack order with us on whatsapp with #85,000. Order and share the link with your pregnant friends and sisters. And the good thing about this starter pack list is that, it is generally acceptable in all Nigeria government and private hospitals.