Multi-functional walking car


  • There is a lock installed in the front wheels for toddlers.
  • Let your baby learn walking by strolling the walker and use it for balancing.
  • This toy enhances the development of arms and legs.
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  • Learn to walk correctly, provide scientific help for your baby, and get out of a healthy and natural leg shape
  • Research and development team based on pyramid mechanical structure, painstaking grinding, triangular stress, stable support car body, stable structure of the vehicle, smooth implementation
  • Stable and slow speed can meet the baby’s learning speed in different periods. The surface of the ring wheel is covered with non-slip rubber ring, floor tile or wood floor, so you can walk at ease
  • Enrich the educational content, let the baby school color, light, music, microphone, piano mode, promote the physical and mental development of the baby
  • If your baby is strong, it doesn’t matter, we can help you solve the problem, there is a tank in the panel, you can add water or sand to the tank, double weight gain function, the baby can no longer pick up the car and go


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