Classic Magic Cube 2.2″ Puzzle 3×3 Smart Cube Educational Game Brain Teaser


About this item

  • Includes 1 3×3 magic cube and 1 instruction (black)
  • Educational Focus: Shapes, Colors and Geometry
  • How to play: Make each of the sides into a solid color.
  • The Cube Puzzle features tiles and a mechanism that allows the sides to spin more easily while finding the solution.
  • The Cube puzzle makes a great birthday or holiday gift for adults and kids, ages 6 and up.
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  • The Cube 3×3 is a 3-D combination puzzle used as a critical-thinking and problem-solving tool. Do you want to sharpen your reasoning skill? Then grab your cube! Solving the Cube is a very good way of exercising the brain for both adults and children alike. It is a very good way of staying sharp and having a sound mind. This puzzle will challenge you mentally, it can also be used as a way of measuring someone intelligence quotient.
  • For this 3d Puzzle magic cube, you don’t need to strain your brain to solve any algorithms. Instead, your fidgeting fingers will enjoy figuring out the different ways this multi-faceted toy can transform into a myriad of geometric figures
  • Unique and Fantastic Gift for kids: This geometric star cube will make your little kids happy and excited, and it will stimulate your kids’ imagination and creativity to figure out the different shape of this multi-faceted geometric toy
  • Reduce brain teasers and stress, increase concentration and relieve anxiety, a great idea for a gift to some friend who can’t keep their fingers still, great for anyone who loves a brain teaser


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