Chicco Natural feeling First Gift Set


Our NaturalFit baby bottle has an ergonomic shape that is easy for baby’s little hands to hold, and features a wide, “no-mess” design easy for parents to assemble, prep, fill and clean.
Our baby bottle set also includes our Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers that are made of high-quality soft-flex silicone that continue to encourage a strong, comfortable latch while supporting correct oral development
  • A set created especially for your child. 
  • It imitates the instinctive way of sucking a newborn baby. 
  • The wide, rounded base of the bottle makes it easy to get a natural feeding position and give the bottle to your child. 
  • The unique “mum effect” means a soft and flexible silicone teat with a velvety smooth finish, which facilitates the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and vice versa. 
  • Chicco blue feeding set for babies (0+), it includes :
  • 1 NaturalFeeling 150 ml bottle with a slow flow teat.
  • 1 NaturalFeeling 250 ml bottle with a medium flow teat.
  • Physio Comfort pacifier soother with print .
  • Chicco blue gift pack with 2 Natural Feeling baby bottles + Physio Air baby’s dummy


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